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Best Brain Supplements brings you the latest news, reviews, and opinions from the world of nootropic supplementation.

On this site you’ll find information on the most exciting nootropic substances known to man. We discuss all the latest research and user-generated reviews of individual cognitive enhancers, from herbal extracts to simple amino acids.

We also discuss cognitive enhancement without supplements – how you can boost your brain power through meditation, mindfulness, exercise, and diet.

Take a look around our site and we’re sure you’ll find something interesting.

Here is a quick overview of the topics we cover and the kind of content we produce.

Nootropic reviews

We produce comprehensive user guides for all of the most popular (and the most interesting) nootropic substances on the market today. Whether it’s a brand new herbal extract stirring up controversy, or a simple amino acid known to nootropics users everywhere, we’ll cover it in as much detail as we can.

We aim to produce user guides that are genuinely useful to you guys. We’ll talk about the scientific proof behind each substance, how it works, and how to use it for maximum effect.

Nootropic reviews

As well as covering individual cognitive enhancers, we will also produce in-depth nootropic stack reviews. Nootropic stacks are supplements made up of multiple different brain-boosting substances. These are premium, professional, pre-made products. We will help you find the best nootropic supplements on sale today so you don’t have to waste your time and money.

For those of you who are interested, the criteria we apply when conducting our nootropic supplement reviews is always the same. We judge brain supplements based on:

  1. Effectiveness of the ingredients (degree of scientific proof)
  2. Value for money
  3. Safety profile of the ingredients
  4. Formula balance (does it cover all the bases)
  5. Ingredient quality (purity, potency, etc)

By always sticking to the same criteria when reviewing nootropics, we can give you a genuinely useful yard stick by which to compare brain supplements.


Diet advice

As well as publishing detailed reviews of key nootropic substances, we will also be providing you with as much diet advice as we can.

We’re not talking about advice on how to stay slim and healthy (although health will certainly feature in our articles). No. Instead, our diet advice will focus on cognitive enhancement and brain health.

People are often surprised to learn that your diet has an enormous impact on your brain function. But if you think about it, it’s obvious. Your brain consumes a massive percentage of your body’s resources; it requires about 25% of your daily calorie intake just to function normally. Think about the resources it must need in order to maintain its cells properly, to keep electrical signals firing properly, and to defend against free radical damage.

In other words, your brain is a hungry beast. If it is going to function optimally, then it needs optimal resources to work with. That means giving it everything it needs to do its job properly. It also means making sure it is protected from free radicals and toxins.

Generally speaking, we advise people who are looking to optimize brain function to eat a diverse array of foods which together provide:

  • Antioxidants
  • Minerals (magnesium and calcium being the most important)
  • Vitamins (B vitamins in particulr)
  • DHA
  • Choline
  • Nitrates for blood flow

On our site you’ll find advice on how to eat for optimal brain function, which foods to avoid to get better sleep, and more!


Best Nootropic Supplements

So what are the best brain supplements on the market today? What is the single best nootropic on sale right now?

After reviewing dozens of nootropic stacks, we have come with a definitive answer to that question. Here is a quick ranking of the top nootropic supplements currently on the market! We have tried all of these stacks ourselves, and we have analysed their ingredients for scientific validity, safety, and effectiveness. In each case, we’ve found the nootropic to be exceptional on every measure.

The 3 Top Ranking Nootropic Stacks This Year

  1. Mind Lab Pro
    The all-round complete nootropic. Mind Lab Pro is idea for people who want to enhance every aspect of cognitive performance with a single pill each day. We think this is the best way to ensure optimal cognitive function for the long-term.
  2. Performance Lab Mind
    This is like a streamlined form of Mind Lab Pro. It provides the same focus, concentration, and learning enhancement as well as the reduction in stress and the brain development support. It is not as comprehensive as Mind Lab Pro. However, it is very easy to stack Performance Lab Mind with other supplements.
  3. Genius Consciousness
    Genius Consciousness is a great nootropic. It has a unique formula, works in very distinct ways, and has a lot of scientific support backing up its ingredients. You’ll find lots of positive reviews of Genius Consciousness out there too.